TGH / LA Blockchain Week Hackathon Oct. 13-16 2019


Tentative Draft Schedule, to be updated daily:


Oct. 13th

10am:  arrival & check in, team alignment

11am:  demos (Casper, Ownera, Hyperledger, etc.), pick projects to build, assign teams

12pm:  mentors on call, begin building, answering questions, etc.

1pm:  lunch break 

2pm:  continue to #BUIDL, mentor engagement 

9pm:  begin wrapping up if anyone still hacking on site

10pm: day 1 closure, participants encouraged to continue working from home, etc. 

(may end earlier, can be flexible to accommodate venue)


Oct. 14th

10am:  option to continue working at Ethos Society, 

mentors and TGH staff on site to keep hackers organized and 

respectful of the workspace


Oct. 15th 

finalize projects / begin pre-judging if we have submissions 


Oct. 16th 

4:30pm:  Stage time for presentations, judging and pick winners at CIS

6:00pm:  End hackathon and head to Marina Del Rey for Yacht Party!



Casper:   1 Bitcoin

Ownera:   Amazon Blockchain Credits (TBD)

Monarch:  100K Tokens 

Coinmine: 1 Desktop mining rig (mine BTC, ETH, etc. at home push of a button)

and more…




Maciej Zielinski - CasperLabs


Greg Skerry - Hyperledger 


Ami Ben-David - Ownera 

Yuval Carmel - Ownera

Diego Besprosvan - Ownera


Matt Rogers - TGH

Austin Davis - TGH

Renat R. - TGH 

Casper GraphQL Challenge:,-2019

Snacks / Coffee / Water Provided on location 


Lunch options recommended nearby Ethos Society:


EMC food and raw bar -


Quarters Korean BBQ -


Boo’s Philly cheese steak -


Platform 35 food hall -


Sun Nong Dan Korean restaurant - › biz › sun-nong-dan-los-angeles-4


Cassell’s burger -

Hackathon Sponsors


$19,299 in prizes

1 Bitcoin

Welcome to the Graph QL Interface Challenge!

CasperLabs is sponsoring the Graph QL Interface Challenge at LA Blockchain week as part of the CIS Global Hackathon.

First, Second, and Third Place Prizes totaling 1 bitcoin are to be awarded among the 3 winning teams in this challenge.

Coinmine - BTC, ETH, (more currencies) desktop mining rig has sponsored a prize for the global hackathon

Amazon Blockchain Credits by Ownera has sponsored an API challenge for Amazon Blockchain Credits

Monarch Wallet Tokens has sponsored the wallet track challenge

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


participant on site on 10/13 - 10/16


Medha Parlikar

Medha Parlikar
Casper Labs

Austin Davis

Austin Davis
The Global Hackathon

Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers
The Global Hackathon

Ami Ben-David

Ami Ben-David

Judging Criteria

  • To Be Announced

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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Hackathon sponsors

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